Red Sun – This luscious blend contains whole cranberries, elderberries, black currants and Rooibos “Red” Tea. This blend is extremely high in anti-oxidants. In addition to its reputation as the Anti-Aging Beverage, rooibos is a natural cure for allergies, digestive problems like nausea & stomach cramps, nervous tension, depression & headaches. It tastes so good; it is a treat as well as a health beverage. Fabulous iced.

Lavender Field – This classic blend of fine black tea gains complexity and character from the clean, lightly floral flavor of lavender and is scented with the citrusy, natural Italian oil of bergamot.

Moroccan Mint – This famous Middle Eastern blend of tightly rolled Formosan gunpowder tea and peppermint creates a refreshing cup.

Honey Pearls – Indulge in the pure natural goodness of honey. Honey Pearls are 100% natural dry honey containing no artificial flavors or additives. Honey Pearls add the delicate sweetness of honey to your cup with the convenience of sugar. At only 12 calories per teaspoon serving, our crystallized honey can adorn your teacup every day!